Rumors: Next iPhone resolution, iOS 6 information

On June 3, 2012

It seems that there are a few information already about the next generation iPhone and it seems like people will have another craze for the iPhone for a few reasons. One of it is its taller design and screen and the next is a unibody aluminium construction with a reconstructed backplate. These are the only things that we currently know aesthetically of the next iPhone.

Another interesting information that comes from 9to5Mac is the processor that the next iPhone will be used. It is the Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor which is certainly an upgrade from the iPhone 4S S5L8940X and the iPad’s S5L8945X. We’re not exactly sure what it means by that but it seems that it will be a low voltage dual-core processor which is somewhat similar to the one present in the iPad. There will also be an SoC GPU although the specification of it has yet to be released.

As far as the memory is concerned, the next iPhone will have a 1GB RAM which is an upgrade to the iPhone 4S 512MB. This still wouldn’t be a problem because the iOS is known to be lightweight. Some new applications will also follow the release of the next iPhone.