Safari – A Pleasant Surprise To iOS 7

On August 5, 2013

iOS 7 contains many updates and Apple didn’t covered them all, but I am sure that you had also discovered many useful things. Today I will say that I am impressed by what Apple did with Safari in iOS 7, the browser needing major changes and Apple offered exactly that.

Aside from the fact that all pages load much faster than in iOS 6, the Safari browser from iOS 7 displays more content in web pages thanks to a system that hides the bottom bar and lowers the upper address bar.

Apart from this, Safari in iOS 7 allows us to navigate through open pages using an interesting carousel, the swipes being used to quickly close any unwanted page. Also, using swipes we can return to a previous page and I think that these things should appear from some time in the browser of the most popular operating systems for mobile terminals. Of course, Apple has made other changes in how iCloud works or save information, but mostly you’ll use those mentioned by me and you will probably be pleased with them.

What impressed you on Safari for iOS 7?