On Sale – TalkMail Pro

On April 9, 2009

One of the hidden gems in the App Store is TalkMail Pro. This little app does a terrific job of converting emails to voice on the fly. Seriously, the app reads your unread mail in a voice, computer-generated as it is, that is easy to understand and quite accurate.

Like the Google app that allows you to initiate searches by simply speaking, this app is a game-changer.

It usually costs $9.00 (which includes one year of connectivity to their server) but it is on sale now for $5.99. To my mind that is a steal.

You can read our review and then jump to the App Store to get it, HERE.


(Discaimer- I am using it with Gmail and it works PERFECTLY. There are, however, reports over on iTunes of MobileMe users having some stability issues.)