Samsung asks Olympic athletes to cover Apple logo on personal iPhones

On February 6, 2014


Samsung must really be worried about Apple stealing their customers, as an official  sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Olympics has given all olympic athletes a Galaxy note to sue during the Olympic Games. There is one little catch to this gift however as Samsung has asked all athletes to cover the logo on their personal iPhones.

This isn’t the first time the Korean phone maker has asked athletes to cover their iPhones, during the 2012 London Olympic games they asked athletes to do the same.

The ban comes as a part of the Rule 40 which prohibits Olympic athletes from mentioning or promoting any sponsor during the Olympic Games unless that sponsor is an official Olympic sponsor, this includes on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

In general Olympic athletes are under strict regulations to only represent brands that are officially sponsoring the games, however as Apple isn’t an official sponsor their logo must be covered up according to regulations.

While we think it is ok that athletes don’t sport huge logos on their jerseys we think it is a little overkill to regulate what athletes can or cannot post on their personal social media outlets.