Samsung claims Apple infringing 8 more patents

On April 19, 2012

The legal fight between Apple and Samsung will never seem to end. Previously, it was the problem with the Galaxy Tab being banned in Germany and then some other patent related legal battles. Now, the problem still revolves around patents and because of this, Samsung is claiming that Apple infringes 8 different patents. This is actually a counterclaim of Apple’s lawsuit that was filed sometime in February 2012.

Two of these infringements in patents involved Samsung’s very own FRAND patents which are essential to ETSI standards. There are 5 patents in total with two owned by Samsung and the other three acquired by the South Korean company. Samsung has really done their homework for this one because it is said that the company has given detailed explanation on the infringing of patents.

The bad thing for Apple about this is that Samsung isn’t targeting any specific devices like what it had done before towards Apple’s iOS devices. However, they are targeting Apple’s entire product line. If the court puts the favour towards Samsung, chances are is that Apple will be losing a lot of money on this one. As the CEOs for both companies will be meeting each other soon, we will see whether this thing will be settled out of court or not.