Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Shown As Having A Better Camera Than That From iPhone 5

On May 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest high-end smartphone from Samsung, is shown as having superior camera to that available on iPhone 5, a new study recently made in France comparing the performance of the two devices. DxOMark is a software developed by the French company DxO Labs, the company is specialized in the analysis of image sensors and camera overall. About the French software, the results of which you can see below, the Samsung Galaxy S4 terminal offers a score of 75 points, 3 points more than the iPhone 5 and 2 points less than Nokia PureView 808.

In bright light, it’s a different story. The S4 makes good use of its fast efficient AF and robust and reliable auto-exposure systems to maximize image detail from the 13-Mpix sensor and deliver images with fully saturated color.

Samsung Galaxy S4 did better than iPhone 5 to record photos and videos, but Apple terminal generates greater photos and videos features, also the stabilization system works better. Samsung captures the detail pictures taken in bright conditions, the end result is superior to that offered by smartphones having 8 megapixel camera, for example. In low light conditions, the terminal did not do as well, but this you already know.

Until now I have presented a lot of comparisons on recording quality pictures and videos, and most of you have recognized iPhone 5 as superior terminal to the one from Samsung in this chapter, but the French say otherwise. To be honest I cannot say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a better camera than the iPhone 5, but it is not nearly as close to that of Nokia PureView 808.