Samsung Transform Ultra Review and Specs

On December 7, 2011

Samsung Transform Ultra

The other Samsung smart phone that comes with another OS is Samsung Transform Ultra. Different with the other series of Samsung that comes with Windows as its platform, Samsung Transform Ultra comes with Android 2.3, Gingerbread that can make you to be able to access to over 250,00 apps. Samsung Transform Ultra also provided with customizable screen for the ultimate user interface. Samsung Transform is also provided with 1GHz Snapdragon chipset processor that will have you faster response time, smoother streaming and less buffering when watching video.

Samsung Transform Ultra measures 4.57”x2.40”x0.55” and weigh 4.9 oz which is heavier than Samsung Focus S. The increasing weight probably caused by the adding part of QWERTY keyboard that can slide back after you use the keyboard for easy typing. Though Samsung Transform ultra is available with QWERTY keyboard it doesn’t mean that we lose the touchscreen that mostly has begun the part of the smart phone nowadays. Samsung Transform Ultra has 3.5” HVGA touchsreen with ample viewing area and rich color. We will also find dual camera, front and rear camera. The rear camera is available in 3 MP, and then the front facing camera is available in VGA. It is quite simple if compared with the other smart phone. The battery can be used for continuous usage up to 7 hours. The other part that hasn’t mention yet is the appearance. Samsung Transform Ultra come with only aluminum grey color that makes it quite simple in appearance, but tough inside.

The Samsung Transform Ultra is an one of some options of Samsung smart phone. If we insterested in Gingerbread smart phone, Samsung Transform Ultra can be the answer for what we are looking for all this time. With nice price offered $79.99 after a $50 MIR on a 2 years contract, Samsung Transform Ultra can be one of a quite interested choices of smart phone.