Saturday’s “Really?!? You’re Joking, Right?”

On May 9, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Saturday "Really!?! You’re Joking, Right?" Apps. This post is dedicated to a few apps that appeared this week that prompted head-scratching, bewilderment and the question… "Are you joking?"

My hope? That we get to the point sooner, rather than later, that so few people buy apps like this that people STOP MAKING THEM.

In the meantime… let the head-scratching being…



That’s right, for $1.99 you can input your age and month of conception (so that it looks like there is something actually going on here) and the app will randomly display Boy or Girl.

The upcoming update asks you to answer 1000 questions and then randomly shows you the word Yes or No, while the second update simpy displays a consistent… "Sucker, you paid $2 for nothing!"



Because fart apps just weren’t enough we now need grunts and moans too.