Scoche reviveLITE – Review

On February 25, 2009

Here is a great little accessory for your iPod or iPod Touch — and one that I’m getting a tremendous amount of use from. 

The reviveLITE from Scoche  allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod Touch without the hassle carrying the cable and wall charger. It has the added benefit of including a night light that can be used to gently illuminate a corner of a room on the dark nights.

The unit itself looks like a small rectangular plastic box. Since it has no portruding pieces it can get tossed into a gadget bag without a thought.

Hidden in the low profile unit, however, is a wall plug and a flip-down iPod charging adapter. The included foam inserts secure various iPod and iPhone models to the unit and the whole thing meets Energy Star performance standards. 

No, the unit won’t sync your iPod or iPhone but it is a super convenient way to carry a charger with you.

The unit comes in "arctic white" or "java black" and retails for $39.99. Considering a usb wall plug for the iPhone 3G retails for $29.00 the price seems reasonable. It is available directly from Scosche.