Scribular Redux

On September 19, 2008

Last week we took a look at Scribular, a neat app that makes unusual use of the iPhone’s location feature.

Scribular allows you to leave notes at specific locations. When others come to the place where the note was "dropped" they can read and respond to them or create their own “Note Drop”.

At the time we introduced…

The "WOiP/Scribular Challenge". We left a Scribular note in order to see how easy it would be to leave. (It was super easy.) Then we left it and waited to see how many notes we would collect over the next week or so.

Well, a week has passed so we went back and checked on the note we had left.

In total we had 14 messages after a week. Not a lot but, hey, this is brand new service and things like this are always better as more people are using it.

It is, though, kinda fun and is definitely worth a look!