Send Files Of Any Size From Your iPhone or iPod Touch

On July 15, 2008

I’ve been a fan of SugarSync, the automated Internet backup and synchronization service from Sharpcast, since it was first in beta. SugarSync does a great job seemlessly keeping the files on my various computers in perfect sync. Since it works automatically in the background, it ensures that my data is safely backed up and accessible no matter where I am.

SugarSync’s iPhone optimized website makes accessing the files stored with the service a breeze. So long as I have a data connection I can view files from my iPhone or iPod Touch, or email them to myself or others in seconds. I find the peace of mind and convenience the service gives me to be invaluable which is why I happily became one of their first paid customers when the service came out of beta in March.

SugarSync has been continually expanding their services and just this morning announced a killer new feature.


You can now send files of any size to others from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Recipients receive an email with a link that can be used to access the file for up to 21 days. Because only a link, rather than the file itself, is sent there is no limit to the size file you can share. That means video, large presentations or graphic-heavy documents can now be shared with ease. Best of all, the recipient need not be a SugarSync customer.

As the announcement explains,

The key for SugarSync users is that all your files are already backed up online, so there are no extra steps required to send them. It’s integrated with the mobile web browser so you can send any size file from your phone regardless of whether your computer is turned on. (Because just a link is sent it…) prevents emails from bouncing back due to file size constraints and eliminates manual uploading to FTP sites.

Further information can be found on SugarSync’s site.