Share Files From an iPhone/iPad to Another (Even Android)

On May 27, 2013

File sharing is not really the strength of an iPhone or an iPad then to transfer files or photos from a phone to another using Bluetooth is not exactly the most comfortable way.

In fact there are some useful applications available for free in the App Store for Apple and Google Android devices that are there to move, send and share files from a mobile phone/tablet to another, without the need for cables or computer.

In this article, we see the best 7 app for iPhone and Android to send and share files from one phone to another.

1)Bump is the most famous and popular application that you want to share photos between two smartphones. This is the easiest to use and, as already described all over the web, Bump is used to transfer photos from a phone to another or even with the PC. Bump is the application with the cleanest interface, completely free of buttons, which bases the exchange of files and the whole process of sharing by gestures.

Just select the photos you want to transfer to another iPhone or an Android phone where Bump is active and then start sharing. Bump is also useful for the transfer of data to a computer and also has the possibility of being able to share phonebook contacts quickly.

2) Fast File Transfer is not really the prettiest application aesthetically, but it is perhaps the one that allows you to transfer and move files between Android phones without limitation to Android or iPhone via Wi-Fi.

The peculiarity is that the transfer takes place directly, without an internet connection. The application also is not required to who receives the file (for this, the receiver can also be an iPhone). File transfer can also be done using a QR code.

3) While applications like Bump are perfect to share some photos on the fly between friends, Kicksend is useful to transfer or share photo albums or videos collections. Kicksend acts as an e-mail service, however, only focused on the sharing of multimedia files. After creating an account, you can use the app (available for mobile or tablet) to send pictures to your friends. There is no limit to the number of images that can be shared via Kicksend and you can transfer all in one swoop. The app runs between networked devices and do not need to be connected to the same WiFi.

4) AirForShare is an iPhone and iPad application, and even an online service that is used to share files of any type up to 5 MB in size. The service allows you to upload files, as if they were attached, on a server that saves them online for 30 minutes, by this time, the recipient can download the file using the download link that has been communicated.

5) Hoccer works a bit ‘as Bump and allows you to share files by dragging them off the screen with your finger to the other phone. Hoccer is available for free for Android, iPhone and as a web app.

6) Finally Shareable is an app for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Mac to share files between phones or between mobile phone and PC. You can install the application on each device, see the other terminals connected and select the files to be exchanged. The devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

7) YouSendIt is one of the services to send large files via Email of which there are also applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Of course there are also other apps for iOS and Android that allow you to share and exchange files, but these 7 should be the easiest to use, free of charge, covering all of the features and requirements.