The Shelves Are Getting Stocked…

On June 26, 2008

The cabinetry is in. The cash register has been set atop the counter. The shipments have arrived. The price of goods has been set. Now all that’s left is to stock the shelves and open the doors.

Yup, my favorite new shop will soon be open for business.

According to a post over at TUAW the App Store’s shelves are getting stocked already.


According to their "sources" registered developers are now able to prep their final versions for distribution. TUAW’s "source",

also mentioned that developers will be able to select prices for their apps, so long as the price ends in 99 cents. So, for example, prices of $0.99, $1.99, and $99.99 are all acceptable. "Free" is also an option, as expected.

How is it all going to work?

Ever notice that certain products get better shelf-positioning than others? Think it’s an accident? Think again.

The same may apply here, as well. According to the post, 

The source speculates that larger app developers could get preferential treatment in obtaining expedited approval.

Big apps, small apps the only thing that matters is that the doors are almost open.

Hear that sucking sound? It’s our collective wallets crying for help.