Shopping List Promo Codes Awarded

On January 24, 2009

For more information on Shopping List you can check out the app HERE. Or ask these readers- each of whom just received a promo code.

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Shopping List – Promo Codes Awarded

On December 14, 2008

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Developer’s Notes:
Have you ever gone shopping, bought two or more items you already have, but forgotten to buy what you really need??Shopping List will help you when making shopping lists and when shopping, with many features and a simple interface. You can use Shopping List either as a simple checklist or as a full featured shopping assistant.??The app is available in English and Italian; Francais , Espanol, Deutsc, Portuguis versions are waiting to be published on the store and will be available as a free update.??Look at the user’s guide on the web site. Lots of screenshot and detailed feature description.??This app IS NOT a simple checklist, it has many advanced features.


??New versions of the app will be available as a free upgrade. We are waiting that Apple publishes them in the Store. Please have patience, it does not depend on us.?Version 1.1 fixes on bug on reporting and add the shopping assistant feature.?Version 1.2 has much improved usability with less screens and touches required and also contains a lot of new features.?Both are waiting to be published on the App Store.??We’d like to receive your comments by email (support link below). If you write here about a problem we can’t respond since we don’t see your email address.??MAIN FEATURES:?- Maintains lists of Item Groups, generic Items and optionally specific products;?- Manages shops with location and shows in Maps where they are;?- Remembers where you buy items so you can filter your list by current shop;?- Shows the list items in the order you usually pick them in the shop;?- When adding to list, shows the last time you bought each item;?- Keeps total amount spent and other statistics and show reports in various format;?- Sends list to others;