Should iPhone 3GS users upgrade to iOS 5?

On October 18, 2011

Apple claimed that more than 25 million of its iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 5, the latest version of its mobile operating system that powers a number of devices such as the family of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. However, in a lot of cases, old hardwares aren’t meant to be upgraded with a new operating system as they would be incapable of running them smoothly. Is the case the same with the iPhone 3GS and the iOS 5?

This claim is backed by a lot of people with different experiences. A number of people reportedly said that their iPhone 3GS is slowed down after the upgrade to iOS 5. In addition to that, the operating system is also said to be draining the battery of the device a lot faster as compared with the previous version of the operating system. However, Apple is said to release a few fixes to tackle these problems.

The iOS 5 upgrade offers new features to the iPhone such as the awaited iMessage which is something similar to Whatsapp or Kik Messenger that is also available on the device. Camera application also had a few features such as red-eye removable amongst a few others.

All in all, if you’re one of the many people that currently use the iPhone 3GS, we recommend that you hold the update first until all the problems are settled unless you’re willing to spend a few times per day charging your device.