SignalGuru help you save gas, learning the program of the lights

On August 28, 2011

If you are a driver then you probably have been frustrated when you have caught several times in a row the red light while driving through the city.

The starting/stoping the engine are constant fuel consumption that seems to be a real problem in the opinion of some researchers from the prestigious U.S. MIT university who developed SingalGuru, an application that tells you how to drive to avoid standing at traffic lights.

Researchers have developed a system called GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) using the device’s camera to “read” the traffic light signals and to alert the user whether to run faster or slower to avoid the stoping idea.

The system is intended to capitalize on a growing trend, in which drivers install brackets on their dashboards so that they can use their smartphone as a GPS navigator while driving. But unlike previous in-car cellphone applications, the new system, dubbed SignalGuru, relies on images captured by the phones’ cameras.

Using this system, researchers were able to reduce, by up to 20% of vehicle fuel consumption and everything was done with a simple application. Unfortunately the system was tested only in cities where traffic lights are operating on a schedule that the application have learned and used it to warn its users.

Such a system would be very useful but in locations where the traffic is not such high, or the sound signals of the device would be completely unnecessary.

This is a great idea for all the drivers out there who has an iPhone with such an application.