Since Google Reader shutdown Feedly has gained 3 Million new users

On April 2, 2013


Since the announcement that Google would be shutting down Google Reader users have been looking for a new RSS feed client, well now it seems as if the masses have spoken. In the short timespan since the March 13th announcement Feedly says they have registered more than 3 million new users.

In other news, Feedly has also announced new versions of its mobile client for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Here is the great thing if you switch to Feedly before July 1st and all your feeds will automatically be transferred.

This is what Feedly has to say about their update:

Introducing a completely new way to search and discover feeds. Our new feed search engine is amazingly fast, and brings over 50 million feeds to your fingertips. No other news reader comes even close to offering this breadth of choice.

The updated Feedly apps are available in the App Store.

Here are the release notes on what’s new in Feedly version 14:

  • Fixes random logout bug, and many other smaller issues
  • New Feed Search and Discovery.
  • New Title Only View. More controls over layouts.
  • Enhanced Sharing & Save for Later
  • New “Must Read” Section to easily organize the feeds you don’t want to miss
  • Customize Favorite Sharing Tool to G+, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Email or browser
  • Customize Favorite Save for Later Tool to Pocket
  • Mark as read card at the end of each sections
  • Pull to refresh in the home selector