SingTel to publish voice recognition similar to Siri

On October 28, 2011

SingTel, one of Singapore’s largest telecommunication companies has decided to launch an application similar to Siri which may bring competition to the voice recognition system native to the iPhone 4S. The application will be called DeF!ND and is catered mainly to Singaporean users.

A lot of people may be wondering why the bother of creating an application that is already made available on the iPhone. The reason is quite simple as Singaporeans speaks English differently as they combine words from other Asian languages. Therefore, should they speak using their localized English, chances are, Siri will not be able to recognize it.

DeF!ND will be made available at both the Android Market and Apple App Store. Officials said that the application will be more useful to those in the country as they say it has higher chances of getting words correctly.

Siri can also be considered a failure when it comes to recognizing speech from non-native speakers and there are currently a lot of these videos that are available on YouTube mainly those from Japanese origin. A lot of these are currently in Japanese simply because the first country that is to get the iPhone is Japan before the device is distributed to other countries in the future.