Siri improves with new updates and jailbreak updates

On December 18, 2011

Siri is definitely the main application revolving the iPhone, well at least the iPhone 4S that is. The application is simply a hit with so many people and there are hundreds of videos about it on YouTube may it be on how it works or simply about how engaging the application is. There are possibly thousands of questions that the iPhone 4S users can ask to Siri and they will possibly get a good answer about these questions as well.

When it seems that the application is already good enough, it is made even better with the new improvement made official by Apple. From now on, users may also search on more than 35,000 appliances that are available on BestBuy through Wolfram Alpha which is also integrated with Siri. The query will start with the word Wolfram and an example would be “Wolfram, tablet computers” and the device will show the products as well as the prices that are available on BestBuy.

In addition to that, a jailbreak tweak on the other hand will allow iPhone 4S users to enable or disable the settings from their iPhone 4S devices as well. Some of the settings that the users are able to toggle are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a few others. This would definitely be something good to have as well.