Siri on iOS 6 for iPad?

On June 7, 2012

Siri is somewhere between a flop and a success. This is because the only device that the application has ever been made available is at the iPhone 4S. A lot of people had hoped that it would work on the new iPad as well, especially when it is released later than the iPhone 4S but it seems that did not happen. The only thing that they got was the dictation feature and not the full application.

9to5Mac has a bit to say about Siri on iOS 6 though. This is because it was reported that for the next version of the iOS which is the iOS 6, Siri will be made available for the iPad. However, what they did not mention is the version of the iPad. It could be all of the ones that are available today or just the latest one. Apparently, they have also released a mockup based on the source that they said are trustworthy.

Siri isn’t the only thing to look forward to because iOS 6 will also feature a new Maps application and a few other features that were made available on Mountain Lion. We have covered a bit on that before so be sure to take a look on that.