Siri potentially working on non-iPhone 4S devices

On November 16, 2011

Take out Siri and what improvements will the iPhone 4S have? Not much except for the new iOS 5 which is widely available to other iPhone devices and also some new hardware. That would most probably be the main reason why Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S and not on other devices as well. Siri actually should not have a problem running on other devices simply because all the voice recognition is not done on the phone but rather on Apple’s servers but somehow the problem right now is that Apple servers will not communicate with other devices except iPhone 4S.

The problem isn’t there for long though because Paris-based Applidium has been studying the protocols needed to connect to the server and they have found a solution    which is to disguise the device using an identifier found uniquely in an iPhone 4S. The company also said that it is possible to retrieve the identifier using an application that was released by them.

Other information found by the company also includes the types of data sent and received by Siri and its protocols. With these information being made available, it will be to no surprise that Siri will not be unique to the iPhone 4S soon as other iPhone devices will be using them albeit illegitimately.