Siri unable to give directions to abortion centers: pro-choice advocates demand changes

On December 2, 2011

Siri is definitely a great addition to the iPhone as it does not only give witty respond but is also terrifyingly accurate. However, when a user searches about the nearest abortion center, the response that they get from Siri may not be what they expected. In fact, the answer may be biased as well.

It turns out that whenever a user searches about the abortion center, no results were found although there are centers around the place being searched at. In some cases, Siri also gives out directions to anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” which as expected, received some heavy criticism from not only its users but also pro-choice advocates as well. NARAL Pro-Choice America also stated that they had sent a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook so that further action could be made against this. Apple replied saying that it is unintentional and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

This unintentional move by Apple has caused uproar by both pro and anti-abortion sides. However it seems that most of the move is done by pro-choice as the group had already collected more than 27,000 signatures in a petition. Once it has reached 30,000 signatures, the petition will be given to Tim Cook.