Siri will be able to search through available photos

On December 27, 2013

Apple has implemented a system in iOS 7 that allows us to sort photos available in Camera Roll on the basis of criteria that can be customized, but the changes do not stop here. Based on an application for registration of a new patent we learn that Apple is looking to offer for Siri the ability to search through the available photos of the device. Searches are based on tags for photos saved in our devices, association with certain users or locations are based on a simple sorting made by the personal Siri assistant.

If you thought that you will have to manually apply tags to pictures, well I will tell you that you are wrong because Apple plans to enable us to do this using our voice. Using voice commands can apply various tags to photos that describe the actions that we take in these new pictures, or even the location where they were recorded. From here on things get easier because the searches made ??by Siri from the tags will be done soon, but for the system to work it is necessary for users to interact with the pictures.

Because we are talking about a system that is patented only now remains to be seen when or if will get in iOS, but certainly there will be many users interested in it.