Siri will be possible to have on other iOS devices with a modded iOS 5.0.1

On December 16, 2011

Again with the news about Siri, the digital personal assistant which is exclusive only to the iPhone 4S. No other iOS devices on the planet have this highly popular feature but that will soon to change. In the future, Siri will be made available on other devices as well such as the iPhone 4 and previous generation iPhones.

It was already proven that Siri could run on a non-iPhone 4S device as it was done by a few iPhone hackers. However, this includes illegally using the system files of the iPhone 4S so that the server which computes all of Siri’s query could recognize the device as an iPhone 4S rather than just another iOS device. One of these plugins is called Siri Proxy.

That however, will soon change with the next update for the iOS 5 which is version 5.0.1. A well-known iPhone hacker and developer called Steven Throughton-Smith as well as chipwn said that they can avoid the legal consequences with the new update as it now includes some of the system files which are now publically distributed rather than being private information. Suffice to say, in the future, iOS device users should expect their gadgets to have Siri as well albeit not legally from Apple.