Siri Will Recognize Several Languages In iOS 7

On April 21, 2013

The launch of the iOS 7 is fast approaching and although we do not know too many updates that this version will bring to its operating system, I’m sure that Siri assistant compatibility with multiple languages in the world is already ready for launch in iOS 7. Currently Siri is able to recognize words spoken in 8 different languages with a total of 19 dialects, but in iOS 7 will definitely be an extended list. Apple has been widely criticized for failing to offer a Siri that recognize words spoken in various languages of the world and I think Apple will focus on this compatibility in iOS 7.

Besides the new features that the assistant will include, I think Siri in iOS 7 will recognize words spoken in Portuguese, probably many other inhabitants of Latin America will be able to finally talk with the assistant, Russian will also not be set aside but we must not forget countries like India or the Middle East who are not represented. Basically Apple will try to offer customers the opportunity to major markets conversations with the assistance of iOS in July, its functionality is limited in these areas and this is a negative argument for purchasing the device.