Skype For iPhone Day 2

On April 1, 2009

I was incredibly excited to see the release of Skype for iPhone late yesterday.

I was super sad when it didn’t work for me at home after downloading it. The calls were choppy, the app was laggy and the overall experience was anything but good. The best I could say about it was that it LOOK good.

Form = excellent.

Function = bad.

Well I figured I would give it a try today and, as luck would have it, had a different experience.

I tried it at work and found the quality of the calls to be excellent. Back at home tonight and the calls were decent, as well. I’m not sure what the issue was last night but I am certainly glad to see it resolved.

It isn’t all good news, though. The app is incredibly laggy. It takes forever to start up and moving from one window to another can take forever. But it does work and work well and I have no doubt the app will be optimized for speed in future updates.