Skype For iPhone – First Impressions

On March 31, 2009

image1551463910.jpgAs expected the official Skype for iPhone app just made an appearance in the App Store.

As a huge Skype user I’m pretty excited to give it a try. If you do let us know what you think.


I thought I would give a quick update after actually downloading the app… What a disappointment!

The app loaded beautifully. It looked great. It gave that familiar Skype login sound. It showed me my contacts. I was psyched!!!!!!

Then… I….. tried… to… make…. a… call..and… it…sounded… like…this…. sentence…. looks… choppy… as…hell.

Seriously, I called my office and got the answering machine and it was all impossible to understand. SERIOUSLY it was unusable.

I thought it might be my WiFi connection until…


I called my office from Trufone. Not only did Truphone connect is less than half the time but the sound was PERFECT. I then tried Skype again and found it to be just as choppy. Truphone again… perfect. Skype again.. choppy.  Truphone again… perfect.

I love Skype but I think I may be dropping my Skype Unlimited plan and going for Truphone’s plan instead.