Skype update lets you easily switch between headset, speaker or Bluetooth device

On May 30, 2013


Skype just updated the iOS app, making it extremely easy to switch to a speaker or Bluetooth headset when making or receiving calls. The update also makes it possible for one-to-one chats to display in the right order. Besides, this latest development makes good bug fixes and other improvements when using Skype.

When using version 4.8 of Skype, switching to a wireless speaker or the Bluetooth headset while making a call or receiving one is as easy as falling a log. This makes it amazingly easier to use Skype when you are on the move, in a car or when you do not intend to fiddle around with the settings on the app.

To add to this, the update ensures that your chats with other Skype users show up in the proper order. Also, when it is your first time to use the Skype app, you will get new introduction screens, which will guide into quickly learning more about the features this updated app comes with.

Skype promises general improvements and fixes with the new release. This should actually make the Skype application more stable to use. To experience all the benefits that come with the just released app, visit the App Store and download the update right away.

Skype [iTunes link]