Slingbox Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch… First Look

On May 13, 2009

Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch is live in the App Store. For $30 you too can watch TV anywhere… so long as you have WiFi access. (Thanks AT&T… for nothing…)

Leaving the controversy aside we wanted to give you a quick look at the app. The short version… set up is simple, the app works great and if you MUST have access to all the shows on your Tivo or live tv… it is a great app.

Here are some screen caps from the initial start up of the app…


After loading the app I got the legal jargon. (Why bother reading it since, as AT&T shows… a customer service agreement means nothing… I know, I know, I promised to leave that other stuff alone for now…)

















The next step is to put in your Slingbox account information.
















The app then shows you he incredibly complex controls. 🙂

The sign of a really good app… it does what it needs to do and does so easily. That is the case here.
















From there Slingplayer mobile connects to your Slingplayer and optimized your stream…
















And, seconds later, your show is on. The quality of the image isn’t all that good because we are having some WiFi issues at home but there picture was totally watchable and the sound quality was quite good.
















Tapping the screen brings up the controls. Simple, straight forward and rather intuitive.
















Oh, and since I went cheap and didn’t buy the higher end Slingbox, I was kicked off the stream I had been watching on my iMac in order to watch on my iPhone.

NOTE TO POTENTIAL SLINGBOX OWNERS… get the higher end box. I never thought I would care… I think I will since, if my wife is watching in the den, I can’t use the Slingbox.















 Here’s a look at the soft-controls. All work very well and quite intuitively.



















































That’s a quick look. It does what I had hoped and does it with the same intuitive ease as the rest of the Slingbox system. So is it worth the $30?? If it worked over 3G the answer would be ABSOLUTELY. Now that it only works over WiFi it is an open question and only you can decide.

 Having used it for a few minutes, however, I can already say that I’m glad I bought it. Then again, I spend the bulk of my day in locations with WiFi.