SMSHideKeyboard hide the keyboard in the Messages application

On June 26, 2011

Today, developer Dan Zimmerman launched a new tweak in the Tweak Week project called SMSHideKeyboard. This new tweak has been specially designed to hide the keyboard from iOS but only in the Messages application from where we can send SMS/MMS.

The new tweak only works with iOS 4 and to hide the keyboard into the application just click on one of the posts already in that application. This tweak is very useful because the keyboard only occupies half the screen when reading posts and it is also useful in certain closing conditions.

SMSHideKeyboard can be downloaded from Cydia, you need to add Ryan Petrich’s repo from here: Of course, this application only works on iPhone. Enjoy the new interface of your screen, I am sure that a lot of iPhone users will find this application useful.