Solar Charger Android Apk Download

On March 16, 2012

Solar Charger Android

Solar Charger Android Apk Download – Charge your phone with this Solar Charger App for Android. It’s easy to harness the power of the sun, just take your phone and leave it somewhere with lots of light and watch as your phone battery recharges using the solar panel.

Some great features of Solar Charger include:

– Sensors built into your device will detect the amount of light.

– 3 diffrent solar panel setups.

– When the charging starts the phone will vibrate.

– Charging animation.

– An easy feature to prevent your device from going into sleep mode.

Upcoming updates:

– Solar panels that are over 50% more efficient.

– Support for Tablets.

– Support for Samsung.

Download Solar Charger Android Apk here