How To Solve The Worst Issues Met At iPhone 5S

On October 17, 2013


Including the dreaded blue screen (Blue Screen of Death) with the iPhone 5S seems to have caught from Windows!

What do you do when your new iPhone 5S has a serious problem? You can try simple solutions, you wait for a patch to come out, or you can change it to Apple representatives, hoping that the next device will be ok. I already wrote about solving the most common problems of iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Now is the time to take care of serious problems.

Phone overheats

It does not happen often, but there are some complaints about it. iPhone 5s heats and battery level drops visibly. There have been rare cases in which the fault was just from the device, but in most cases the problem is caused by iOS 7 or a specific application. If this happened, restart your phone and pay attention to what situation is heating up. It could be a faulty application. Or install System Activity Monitor. Eventually, you can reset the phone, but not before making a backup. If the problem persists, change your phone.


Microphone does not work

Many users complained that the microphone does not work properly in certain situations. Fortunately, the problem is easily solved. First make sure you remove the protective sheet that came in your box. See if your question allows the application to use the microphone (Settings > Privacy > microphone). Try oppressive noise attenuation function (Settings > General> Accessibility). Ultimately, call an Apple representative. It could be a hardware problem.

iphone 5s

Blue screen (Blue Screen of Death)

There’s been many years since we escaped the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. BSOD s seem dead and buried, but like a zombie, began to haunt iPhone 5S according to DigitalTrends. Many people have begun to complain about this bug. It looks like the blue screen appears only in some cases when using iWork (Pages, Keynote or Numbers). If you edit a document and then press the Home button it’s possible to wake up with blue screen. In some cases, the bug can cause a blockage and restart. It seems that it was due to incompatibility between 64-bit processor and 32-bit apps.

To not shrink as much risk of the blue screen, always save documents before you hit the Home button. Disable synchronization with iCloud for iWork (Settings > iCloud > Documents & Date). Try using the app already updated to iOS 7. And you have a little patience, most likely, the 7.0.3 update will solve this problem.


Disturbed sensors.

The problem that confronts many iOS 7 users shows that the latest operating system from Apple is not even ready to respect its promises. iPhone 5s sensors are not calibrated properly. But not everyone sees the same deviations accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. For now, the only solutions are either to wait for Apple to do an update, or try to change your phone. Some have tried the second version without the problem to go away.