Some Tips Everyone Needs to Know on the Facebook App

On April 28, 2013

1. Cover Photo

You can change the cover photo going to your profile and taping on the “camera” located on the right – below the profile image. You have the option to make a new picture or select one of the existing ones from your phone.

2. Arrange the list of favorites

You can add “3-d party software” in your list of favorites which will be shown at the top of the screen. To edit the list, enter the menu by pressing the square button with three white lines and then scroll to the bottom. Select “Edit” and by pressing the “+” button you can add pages, applications, groups or lists.

3. Adding a friend at favorites

This will allow immediate access to his profile page. Proceed exactly as in section 2, and after pressing the “+” button select “Add friends”.

4. Deleting a post

This is not very intuitive in the mobile app, but it is very simple. To delete a post all you need to do is to make a horizontally move from left to right on the post. This will allow the display of black crosses on the upper right side. By pressing this button, you can hide the post from Timeline or delete it definitively.

5. Display birthdays of friends

The mobile application does not display birthdays of friends in the same way that the site does on your desktop. To see a friends’ birthday select the “Events”. This action will show people who are born in the respective day and week. If you click on “Birthdays” at the bottom of the screen, your friends’ birthdays will be displayed in chronological order.

6. Moving the application in dock

If you frequently use the application, you can move it in your phone’s dock to access it no matter in what screen you are. To do this, press and hold an application until all icons begin to vibrate, drag an app out of the dock and pull inside the Facebook app.

7. Set alerts

You can select which alerts you want to see or you can turn them all off from the “Settings” menu of your phone. Select “Settings” -> “Notifications” -> “Notification Center” -> “Facebook”. You can select the alert to be in the form of a banner that disappears only seconds after posting.

8. Set push notifications

Their setting is a little different from alerts setting. Enter the “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “Facebook” -> “Push notifications”. You can choose what kind of notifications you want to display.

9. Synchronize contacts

This enables you to sync the address book with the individual profile picture from Facebook, so when a friend will call, his profile picture will appear on the screen. To synchronize, enter in the “Friends” menu of the Facebook application and press the top right button to get to “sync contacts”.

10. The option to “poke”

The “poke” option was not very successful on desktop but you can still try it on the mobile version. Choose a friend, enter his personal page and press the top right button for the “poke” option to be visible.