Soon In The App Store – Digits

On May 8, 2009

It is a common issue if you use your iPhone as your main note, contact, calendar etc device. You need to take down a phone number but because you have gone digital you just don’t seem to have a pen or pencil available. Sure you can open one of dozens of notes apps and type the number there. Or you can type the number into an email and send it to yourself. But that is the equivalent of writing a note on a scrap of paper. You do it with the best of intentions and then… leave it in your pocket when the jeans go into the laundry. The result… clean jeans and no phone number.


Smudgeapps is about to come out with a neat little utility that makes grabbing phone numbers on the go and adding them to your address book a snap. Digits is a simple, rather basic utility that lets you grab a number, add a first and last name and save the information in seconds.


The app uses the familiar iPhone phone pad to input the number. After that it is as simple as adding the name and saving it. That’s all there is to it.

No, if you want to save an email address it won’t help you. BUT, if you need to grab a phone number on the go and add it to your contacts it works well.

I think this is one of those utilities that is VERY focused on one specific act and is useful IF you have that need.

It is SO limited that I might well have given it a tough time…

except for one thing…

earlier today someone wanted to give me a phone number and I could not find a pen.

Seriously, no less than ten hours ago I ended up having to email the number to myself lest I lose it. Thing is, the keyboard on the iPhone is not great for grabbing a number on the go. The numeric pad used by Digits would have been a big help.

In other words, I got the code for this app about half a day too late.

It is a good idea and, if some addiitonal features are added without compromising the simplicity and ease of use, it will be a winner.

Look for it tomorrow.