SoundSYNK creators win national competition with what could be ‘next big app’

On April 11, 2013


Has it ever bothered you that the sound coming from your phone seems to be inadequate? Well a group of students who go by the name of SoundSYNK were definitely annoyed and therefore they created an app which uses bluetooth technology to link together an unlimited number of mobile phones and stream the same song in perfect timing, effectively creating a symphony of speakers.

The idea for the app was conceptualized while the students from the University of Exeter were taking part in The Microsoft Imagine Cup, a competition focused on app development. During the 48 hour competition the guys were taking a break and decided to play some music on their phones, however disappointed with the sound of the music they came up with the idea for the app.

Not only did they win the regional competition, however with training from SETsquared the students acquired £10,000 worth of business funding from Creative England. The creators of the app will compete in the finals in Russia where they could win $50,000.

Edward Noel, one of the SoundSYNK team, said:

“We are absolutely ecstatic. Representing the UK is an honor and we are going to do everything we can to win in Russia. We are extremely proud to represent The University of Exeter and SETsquared and even prouder that teams from those establishments came both first and second in the competition.”

Natasha Joseph, from the Microsoft Imagine Cup, said:

“The progress SoundSYNK has made has been incredible. When I first met them they hardly knew each other and within 48 hours they’d created an amazing idea. It was clear when they won the regional finals that they were real contenders for the top spot and their pitch presentation yesterday put them head and shoulders above the rest. I can’t wait for them to represent the UK in Russia.”