Speed Fiend Giveaway

On February 21, 2009

An implementation of the classic card game Speed, Speed Fiend is one of the most engaging games I’ve played on my iPhone. And coming from somebody who for the most part would rather pick up alphabet tiles than kings and aces, that’s saying something. In my review of the game, I wrote:

"Speed Fiend promises ease and addictiveness, and it has both in spades."

However, I also wrote that it lacked a key feature:

"…the app does not allow for a dual player mode, where you could play against a friend…(my fingers are crossed on this one)."

Well my finger-crossing payed off. The game was recently updated, and guess what’s new in the latest version. That’s right, a dual player mode! Now I can finally beat (hopefully) the girlfriend at something.

We have copies of the game to give away courtesy of Jake of Scatter Circuit. To enter to win a promo code, simply share a "fast" fact, that is, a speed-related bit of trivia (e.g. about the speed of light, Speed Racer) in the comments section of this post. But if you can’t wait to play Speed Fiend, you can purchase it HERE in the App Store for only $0.99 — I am of the opinion though that it should cost way more if its price were to reflect its value as an addictive, crazy-fast iPhone game.