Spotify Coming to iPhone?

On July 27, 2009

Streaming music service Spotify, released a video of the iPhone app which they’ve just submitted to Apple.

The service gives you the ability to stream music to the iPhone like a jukebox, just pick the songs you want to play and Spotify fetches them from the Spotify server to play them.  But the most unique feature it seems which is available is that Spotify will allow you to cache the songs locally if you dont have a wi-fi connection.  Getting on a plane or traveling somewhere without network access wont affect your ability to play music that your decided to cache into the phone, and that it seems is a pretty close similarity to the iTunes store!

Even though the business model for Spotify is different than iTunes (Spotify is a monthly subscription based service), will Apple allow this service to launch?  If I can get access to a huge library of music and play the music without being connected to the network, is that competition to Apples iTunes?

It will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this App…