Spotify for iOS Updated

On November 7, 2012

Spotify is a great application especially for music lovers. For those that do not have the means to pay, Spotify offers a great solution to listen to as much songs as they want legally. For audiophiles, Spotify is also a way to listen to high-quality music at a bitrate of 320kbps. As such, it makes complete sense for Spotify to be one of the favorite applications for iOS users. However, the iPhone 5 users did not have much things to celebrate about until now that is.

Spotify for iOS version 0.5.8 is a new update for the application. The new version allows iPhone 5 users to enjoy Spotify on their new devices. This is because the latest version now supports both iOS 6 and the new screen solution of the iPhone 5. In other words, Spotify actually looks good on the iPhone 5 now.

The free radio option for Spotify for iOS is only available to US users although it is expected for other countries to catch up soon. Those that live in other country can opt to go for Spotify Premium to enjoy their favorite song. If you haven’t go Premium, we certainly recommend that you do because it is simply enjoyable!