Spotify supports high quality streaming – 320kbps

On February 12, 2012

Started in Sweden by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify may be one of the most famous applications in the Apple iOS community. Besides offering a free yet limited music streaming service, the company is also offering a premium service which allows phone users to get music streamed to their devices as well. As of date, the company has reported having at least 2.5 million paid subscribers making it a highly profitable business as well.

Currently Spotify is churning out music of considerably good bitrate but not high quality enough. That will soon change as the company is planning to let users stream music having bitrates up to 320kbps which is a lot more than what iTunes Music Store has to offer at only 256kbps. This means that the music quality that Spotify can deliver is a lot better as compared with most music streaming services today.However, it should be noted that not all music is available in high quality and as of date, only a handful of those are available so far.

In addition to the increase of bitrate capability, Spotify is also allowing users to log in to their service by using their Facebook accounts. This would result in a much simplified registering process in addition to speeding up the process of logging in as well.