Stabil-i iPhone Case/Stabilizer for Videographers

On July 29, 2012

Stabilizers are considered to be essential for videographers because they reduce all the dizziness related to camera shakes. Previously, there were stabilizers made for the DSLR cameras such as the Steadicam Merlin or the Flycam but it seems that those weren’t enough. The iPhone has a great camera but no stabilizers and thus a KickStarter project by the name Stabil-i would like to fill up that space.

Stabil-i is a case-cum-stabilizer which is a truly interesting accessory to have for the iPhone. In fact, the company behind it had demonstrated the video stabilization capability of the Stabil-i. It comes with a 3-axis video stabilization make use of a high-density lead alloy as the counter-weight. With this being said and done, the Stabil-i increases the weight of the iPhone by 35% and is quite bulky as well. As a comparison, the bulkiness of the Stabil-i is about the same with a weatherproof or a highly durable case.

Those that are quite picky on the country of manufacturing can be rest assured that this device is made and manufactured in the United States. Those that are  interested can get it at $33 for the early birds, or $55 when the early birds are sold out. They are currently trying to reach a goal of $80,000 and with more than a month to go, chances are is that the Stabil-i will go into production.