Stanford and Open University reach 50M downloads on iTunes U

On April 8, 2012

Before Apple released the new iTunes U app, those interested in utilizing the programs released by universities were forced to enter the iTunes Store, well since the release of the App, users have been able to download directly through the App, and now two universities have both crossed the 50 million download mark.

In separate press releases, Stanford and Open University announced that they passed the download milestone on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Brent Izutsu, senior program manager for Stanford on iTunes U stated “It shows there is a huge appetite for high-quality educational content,” furthermore he predicted that the interest will only continue to grow “as more people look online to supplement their education.”

According to sources the iTunes U App was downloaded more than3 million times within the first five days of release, furthermore content downloads has been reported at over 700 million!

The learning content offered by Stanford and Open University is just a tiny sample of courses offered through iTunes U, with other prestigious institutions including Duke, MIT and Yale