Star dunk – a Space Jam Game

On May 10, 2011

Star Dunk is a  very competitive basketball shoot-out game , where your mission  is that to  score as many points you can  in a free throw competition . Graphics are reminiscent of Geometry Wars; This game it has a stellar backdrop complete with a light show of shader effects for power-ups and ball handling– this games runs at a  silky smooth 60 FPS on 3rd Gen iOS devices and up.



When¬† Star Dunk starts , you first step is that to choose whether you wish to play online or offline. No matter what choice you do , the game will¬† immediately launch you¬† into a timed match where your main objective¬† is that to aim the ball’s trajectory by swiping upwards with your finger. After each shot, the location of your next shot is reset to somewhere new. The ways for obtaining bonuses¬† and power-ups are through the backboard. When all the panels on the backboard are hit, the game will randomly select you a bonus that applies for a limited time. Bonus’ include score multipliers, larger rings and multi-balls.

Star dunk features :

-a number of balls to unlock, all with different properties such as speed, bounciness and size

– this game gives you a huge opportunity to play online with other people.

-rare unlocks which gives you additional properties which can be used to propel your score hire


via @toucharcade