Steam Android Apk Download

On March 6, 2012

Steam Android Apk

Steam Android Apk – It has now finally arrived on android devices! Now it is even easier than ever before to participate in the Steam community from wherever you are. With this new Steam Android Apk you can read the latest gaming news, check out your favourite community groups, read user profiles, chat with your Steam friends and check out those amazing deals, all whilst on the move on your Android device.

Steam is a gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. It acts as a social network for many gamers with its built in friends/chat system. To date there are 1504 games available for purchase through Steam with some amazing deals on most of them. It is estimates that Steam controls over 70% of digital games distribution, and I believe this figure could even be higher.

Steam has been around for quite some time. The Steam client was first announced in 2002 as purely a digital games distribution platform and as part of the beta testing for the world famous, Counter Strike 1.6.

In 2004 it was officially released but the system and website chocked after thousands of people tried to simultaneously download and play the later version of Counter Strike 1.6. Half Life 2 and Counter Strike: Source was release onto the Steam network in 2005 and they both became a huge hit, raising the Steam clients online profile even more.

Over the next few years many publishers started offering their games over the Steam platform, some of these publishers included Capcom, Eidos Interactive and id Software. By 2007 something like 13 million accounts had been created on the Steam platform and 150 games were available to purchase. 2007 also saw the release of another one of Valves games, The Orange Box alongside distribution of many other high profiles games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Bioshock and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, this again raised the profile of the Steam platform.

Now 2012 will see the release of the Steam Android Apk which will make Steam even more widely used that even before!