Steam Updates iOS Application

On October 22, 2012

Steam is one of the most used gaming center in the world and it only makes much sense for the company to make purchases possible through the use of mobile applications. The iOS was the chosen platform for this and as a result, the Steam application for iOS allows its users to chat, make friends request as well as purchase game directly from the mobile application.

The latter is important because Steam often hold timed sales. Since not everyone can be on the computer at all times, they can instead choose to check for these sales through this mobile application instead. An update was also done that added native support for the iPhone 5 as well as the iOS 6. This means that Steam for iOS will look much better on the new device and it also makes use of the extra screen estate available on the iPhone 5 as well.

In addition to that, support for 25 different languages was added with this update as well. This removed any barrier associated to language. Besides that, users will also experience stability improvements with this particular update. However, it has yet to be known whether this update will be applied to the Android platform or not.