Steve Jobs and Walt Mossberg Chat – New iPad Information

On January 29, 2010

Walt Mossberg got a chance to speak with Steve Jobs after the iPad was presented on Wednesday and a video was recorded. All Things Digital. A transcript of the conversation is below… the good parts start at 2:00 on the scroll



Mossberg: "Why should she buy a book for $14.99 on your device when she can buy one for $9.99 on Amazon on the Kindle or from Barnes & Noble on the Nook?"
Jobs: "Well that won’t be the case…"
Mossberg: "You mean you won’t be $14.99 or they won’t be $9.99?"
Jobs: "Uh…the prices will be the same."

Jobs: "The publishers are withholding books from Amazon cuz they’re not happy with the…"

Jobs: "A bit more than 10 hours…"
Mossberg: "Really?"
Jobs: "Ya."
Mossberg: "Music, a lot more than 10 hours?"
Jobs: "Oh ya, music, it is, uh…140-something hours, I think…of contiguous music playback."
Mossberg: "140? And reading? What about reading?"
Jobs: *Inaudible*
Mossberg: "Its over 10? Because you know Amazon’s is measured in days…"
Jobs: "Its all about the display…our chips don’t use hardly any power."
Mossberg: "But that’s the key, you’re doing an ebook reader that isn’t using e-ink that gives you really beautiful color and led…"
Jobs: "And you can read at night…"
Mossberg: "I get it, but on the other hand, there’s a battery cost to that…"
Jobs: "You know there isn’t…cuz you just end up…plugging it in.  I mean you just end up docking it or whatever you’re gonna do with it…its not a big deal.  I mean, 10 hours is a long time, you’re not gonna read for 10 hours"
Mossberg: "So should I write my review of this on this?"
Jobs: "Sure.  Get Pages and write it in Pages."
Mossberg: "I could save it as a Word doc like on a Mac?"
Jobs: "Yes, you can."
Mossberg: "And then send, cuz believe me, the editors don’t know anything about Pages, the onkly know about docs."
Jobs: "You could export it to…you could make a Word version…write it in Pages and make a Word version and send it in an email to your editors."
Mossberg: "All from here?"
Jobs: "Ya."