Street View: New app brings Street View back to Maps app!

On February 25, 2013

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Remember back in the day before iOS 6 was released everything was much nicer, back then the native map app was from Google and everyone was happy, it even included Street View, then came the update that would change everything. In iOS 6.0 Apple ditched the beloved Google Maps app and replaced it with an in-house work in progress. One big user concern: the street view feature is missing. Once again the guys from FutueTap comes to the rescue, with their new app “Street View” they allow the Maps App to easily display the widely popular street view panoramas.

Cool features:

  • New Universal app for iPhone and iPad: “Street View” 1.0
  • Launched directly from the Maps app
  • Displays Street View panoramas in worldwide locations
  • Searches cities, addresses or contacts
  • Selection of 300+ gallery panoramas
  • Supports indoor panoramas with multiple levels
  • Corner mini map displays current position, viewing angle and field of view
  • Integration with the location finder “Where To?”

I don’t know about you guys, but for me it is really important to be able to check out new places before I go there, and so-far Google Maps has been my goto app, well now “Street View” by FutureTap brings street view back!

The German company FutureTap, known for its high quality location finder “Where To?”, is proud to introduce the all new app, “Street View”. The app allows the user to feel right at home, using a street view implementation that stays true to the original iOS 5 Maps app. The best surprise is that “Street View” can be launched directly from the iOS 6 Maps app. It is supported like any other 3rd party app. By tapping the bus icon in the Maps app the user can see what lies ahead.

Ortwin Gentz, FutureTap CEO states:

“Now all iPhone and iPad users can launch Street View for any place, view the panorama and return to the Maps app with a single tap.” “Street View” integrates seamlessly with FutureTap’s “Where To?” app, and also can be used on its own. “Street View” has more than 300 gallery panoramas.

After it’s launched, “Street View” displays the map of the current location. Dropping a pin or searching for a city, address or address book contact is seamless. Both satellite and hybrid map modes are supported. If available for the selected location the user can jump to street view and navigate through the panorama. The mini map in the corner always displays the current position, viewing angle and field of view.

The app is preloaded with more than 300 worldwide gallery panoramas. It showcases museums, ski resorts, theme parks and even underwater destinations. The indoor panoramas, such as museums, reach over their impressive multiple floor levels.

“Street View” 1.0: Now available for $0.99 US in the App Store , requires iOS 6.0 or newer and is optimized for all iOS devices.