SYS Passwd helps you quickly change the administrator password of your iPhone

On February 9, 2013

SYS Passwd is an application launched in Cydia last night and through it you can quickly change the administrator password of your device. After a jailbreak, administrator password is changed automatically and you should change it, because anyone can access your device through internet if you have a tweak that activates the SSH connectivity. Equally, any malware can get total control of your device if you accidentally install the device, so you should be cautious.

Compatible with iOS 3, 4, 5 and 6. The password is used in login commands such as su and login, or in SSH connection. The default password is alpine. It is recommended to change the default password after jailbreak, especially you have OpenSSH installed. Be sure to remember the changed password(s) because there is no way to restore it except restoring your device. Support iOS 3.0 and above (including the latest 6.1). iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are all supported.

The application is very simple, it allows you to change the password for root and mobile users, but the root one is important, although it would not hurt to change them both. The native password of all jailbroken devices is alpine, and you can set any password you want. SYS passwd is available free in the BigBoss repo of Cydia.