iPhone case protects while staying fashionable

On June 24, 2012

The iPhone is a thing of beauty but when it comes to protection, there aren’t many that can offer good ones without sacrificing its beauty. Some cases can make your iPhone look tough yet gorgeous looking at the same time.

The case comes with military specification: a shockproof suspension system would protect your iPhone in the case of drops. In addition to that, it also protects your whole iPhone from getting wet through its hydrophobic barrier. All of the ports are covered which means that there will be no point of entry for liquid to enter your iPhone. Not only that, for an extra $25, you can also get the case with a Gorilla Glass Lens upgrade as well.

Right now, the case is available through Kickstarter but not to worry because the project has already reached its goal of $150,000. With around 27 more days to go, you can definitely get your own dose of the case. It starts at a price of $75. Is it worth the money? We’ll let you decide!