Talisman Prologue HD update brings new characters and quests, stability fixes

On July 10, 2013


Talisman Prologue HD players can now enjoy enhanced play, thanks to the 2.0 update that has seen the addition of six new characters, performance improvements and bug fixes. Since its launch in the App Store sometime back in April, Talisman has been a hit to both new and veteran players. What’s even more interesting is that players can use the new characters in magical quests – all characters and quests have been unlocked so you can enjoy the new characters straight away.

The updated Talisman Prologue HD comes with:

  • Six new characters: Amazon, Sage, Minotaur, Leprechaun, Sprite and Vampire Hunter
  • Fixed scoreloop.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

For only $4.99, iPhone, iPod and iPad users can now download the amazing Thumbstar game from the App Store.