Talking Ben the Dog – A free iPhone Game

On May 10, 2011

If you want to relax your mind after a hard day  try new fun-filled entertainment app called  Talking Ben the Dog for iPhone. Ben is a retired professor of chemistry who love his  comfortable life which means to drink a lot, to  eat and especially to  read newspapers. Try to make the retired professor  receptive by annoying  him long enough and when he will drop his newspaper, you done it .



The user can discuss with  him, poke or tickle it and you can also enjoy telephone conversation with him by pressing the phone. On this game you can Poke Ben or you can slap his belly , face, hands, fingers or toes. You can also  record  the  funniest video telephone conversation with the teacher. Simply press other different buttons to make Ben belching, eating or drinking. You can simply switch Ben to the laboratory, by clicking on the chemistry button  and mix a combination of  two tubes together to see the funny side of  chemistry. This application allows the user to record video and share them with others over Facebook & YouTube. Or they can send to friends and family via email.


via @topappreviews101